To advance in today’s global market, one must view business through a global lens. For those of us who have attempted to communicate outside of our native tongue it’s not long before you come to the frustrating realization that some words just can’t be translated. As more and more businesses expand into global markets, being multilingual is increasingly essential. amsterdam

Having trouble deciding which language will be the most useful for your career? Well don’t fret, Prospect Placement has taken the liberty of narrowing it down to 5 we think will make you fluent in the language of business.


1. Spanish
The U.S. alone has over 35 million Spanish speakers and worldwide 425 million
2. Portuguese
With Brazil positioning itself as the biggest super power in emerging markets it’s no wonder Portuguese is the emerging language to know.
3. Russian
FYI….Russia has the highest billionaire population on the planet
4. Mandarin
If you know business then you already know why learning mandarin is a feather in your cap.
5 Arabic
And coming in at number 5……the fifth most spoken language in the world, Arabic.

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