Back in the day, I use to joke that I’ve never interviewed for a job I didn’t get, which was true, but I also was interviewing for odd jobs here, a summer job there or helping out my father with one of his businesses. As you can imagine the job market for a career position is a bit more difficult. Don’t fret, Prospect Placement has you covered!  We’re not just telling you what you already know, but giving it to you straight.  Think you can get away with the tiny stain on your shirt?  You can’t.  Think they won’t notice if you’re three minutes late?  They will.  Ever walk out of an interview and realize you forgot to tell them your biggest professional achievement?  Never let it happen again.  Here’s how:

  • There is no such thing as being overdressed. I have never heard “She would be greatlife hack 1 for this role, but she was just dressed far too well”. When in doubt of what to wear, go ahead: stunt on ‘em.


  • Have an “Interviewing Super Suit”. Make the perfect outfit to interview in, then wear it to all of your interviews. (I know I am a genius) This helps you always be prepared and alleviate stress.

  • Bring a notepad.  Actually take notes on hack 2
  •  Go super early and arrive on time. Be there at least 30 minutes early, DO NOT GO INTO THE OFFICE 30 MINUTES EARLY. Stroll in there 10 minutes early and do your thang.
  • Read the job posting and visit the company website. Then in the interview repeat the keywords found on the site. Every company uses different verbiage to explain things, using this hack will put you on the same “wavelength” as them.
  • When you get into the room you will be interviewing in look around and soak it up. This will help you feel more relaxed as you are now more aware of your surroundings. ANIMAL INSTINCTS FOR THE WIN.
  • Once settled in, place a copy of your resume in front of you and use it as reference during the meeting. I have trouble remembering what I did last weekend, let alone what I did 4 years ago.

life hack 3

  • This one is a super mind hack. Only meant for the most advanced jedi interviewers. This tip has helped in my life so much its crazy. Mirror body language. I am not suggesting that you misrepresent yourself or anything. If the interviewer is high energy, show your high energy side. If the interviewer uses hands gestures, use a hand gesture or two. Don’t take my word for it, here is an entire article by Forbes about this awesome technique.


Interviewing is already stressful enough, so take it easy on yourself and take our advice!  Have a trick up your sleeve to share?  Leave a comment with one of your own life hacks that helped you land a job.

Jamie Esperance, August 2015