Jobs Meek Mill Could Do Next

Robert Rahmeek Williams better known as Meek Mill began his career as a battle rapper in the streets of Philadelphia. At that time one would think twice before engaging into a war of words with Meek Mill as he won rap battle after rap battle. Which makes the present scenario he is in that much more puzzling.

Meek Mill 1

At the height of his career and after beginning a relationship with none other than Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill went on a twitter tirade calling out none other than hip hop heavyweight Drake. Meek Mill accused Drake of using a ghostwriter which is a big no-no in the Hip Hop community. Drake and or his ghostwriter then went on to presumably end Meek Mill’s career with the diss record Back to Back. Here are 3 jobs Meek Mill could do next.

Become A Stay-At-Home Dad:

Meek Mill’s net worth is 3 million dollars. Sounds great right? Well not in comparison to girlfriend Nicki Minaj’s 60 milion. (She is literally worth 20 times his net worth 😮 ) I suggest Meek Mill turn into the king of Stay-At-Home dads. He should be cleaning the house (or mansion) more than Cinderella before the whole slipper incident.

Customer Service:

Gone are the days of Meek Mills infamous unkempt braids. He now sports a crew cut (with amazing 360 waves) and wears designer clothes. If you listen to one of his albums you are likely to hear him reference his love for Audemar Piguet watches, which cost upwards of 20,000 dollars.

meek mill 3

We are currently searching for a Fashion Customer Service position for an exciting luxury e-commerce brand. This person would need to love fashion and be knowledgeable of luxury goods. Meek Mill and anyone else who would be interested can send me an email:

Become a Ghostwriter:

I am aware of the irony but just follow me for a moment. Meek Mill makes infectious songs such as House Party, I’m A Boss and the Introduction to his last album. meek mill 4Those songs are extremely memorable and are sung along to word for word.

We are seeking a copywriter to join a team of New York creatives to work for an innovative technology start-up. We have an array of clients across a diverse range of industries, including those in hospitality, entertainment, and travel and leisure. Meek Mill and anyone else who would be interested can apply here:

Help Grow a Start-Up:

Meek Mill knows a thing or two about building an empire. His debut album sold 165,500 copies in its first week. His recently released sophomore album sold 246,000 copies and also reached number 1 on the charts.

Award winning New York City Attorneys need a super smart, efficient and detail oriented assistant to join their nice, honest and down-to-earth team. Think of this law office as an equivalent to a tech start-up operating in a cool and funky coworking space in lower Manhattan. They help their clients with small business related matters, real estate transactions, and bankruptcies. Salary is flexible, but ideally looking to be in the $35k – $40k range. Meek Mill and anyone else who would be interested can apply here:

Jamie Esperance, August 2015