What is one thing everyone loves to write about on the internet? No, not about cats or grandmas, its lists! Everyone on the internet loves writing lists!

Shamelessly, without further ado here’s one more! Pay heed to this one though because unlike your Grandma rapping, this one could actually make you some money.

Top 5 ways to impress your interviewer:

1. Don’t cancel last minute. If you have to, then be proactive. If your interviewer is like me, then he/she interviews many people a week. Which means that they have already heard all of your stories and don’t want you to cancel. Ask yourself this, how would you feel at home all dressed to go, then the interviewer email’s you and tells you his cat has the chickenpox and he can’t make it?
That being said, things do come up! If your child is sick PLEASE stay home by their side (LOVE U MOM!). Send your interviewer an email (please don’t tell what’s happening, legally I do not want to know certain things) and send your availability for the rest of the week.

2. Come prepared. Whether you sent your resume via email or carrier pigeon prior to the in person interview. BRING IT. I’m rounding down but I think it costs around half a penny to print out (unless you’re on a college campus then it’s $25.00 and your left arm) 5 interview tips pic 1

3. Actually act like you want the job. Leave your pride aside and don’t be afraid to assure the interviewer you don’t just kind of want the job, but you like…really want the job. If you don’t like…really, kinda, a lot….want the job, then why are you there?
So many people will interview and go home without ever verbally saying “I want this job”. It sounds simple enough but you’d be surprised.

4. This is a big one but 50% of people do not do it. After your interview be sure to send your interviewer a thank you email. Simply thank them for taking the time out of their day to meet with you. Also state again that you want this position and hope to work with that company. What you will be doing is reassuring the interviewer that after your “first date” you are still interested in them. (even though you may be “seeing other people” and interviewing for other jobs)

5. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. A good friend of mine is an awarded middle school teacher and his biggest gripe about his students is that they do not do their homework. I’m sure you may think you’re smarter than a 5th grader but you may have the same habits. You should be reviewing the job description and doing research on the prospective company before your interview. This is by far the best and easiest way to blow your interviewer away and watch them light up like children’s sneakers.

5 interview tips pic 2


Jamie Esperance, September 2015