Globalization is complex.  It impacts millions of people, and as with any intricate situation, there are always multiple perspectives to consider.  Millions support globalization and opponents believe it has devastating outcomes for developed and developing nations alike.  One opinion we can all accept is globalization is not slowing and technological advancements will only continue to supply businesses and individuals the tools to continue moving throughout the world.  

Globalization is possible through improved information technology, changes to government and tax structures and increased global competition.  As companies such as Microsoft, SAP and TSMC continue driving technology into a world market, countries that embrace globalization benefit from improved communication, job creation and increased wages.   According to YaleGlobal, Yale University’s Online Magazine focusing on the impact of globalization, countries participating in a global market support domestic public and private policies enforcing corporate and social responsibility, uphold property and legal rights, and have more honest, incorruptible governments.  The World Health Organization (WHO) indicates on their website,, globalization increases cultural understanding, social tolerance, and incentives countries to work together to resolve environmental problems. 

The global business community recognizes the importance of working together to improve business practices and address ecological constraints.  After completing my MBA at one of the most diverse schools in the country, the ideas of how globalization improves communities is evident.  In the course of a normal classroom discussion, individuals accessed ideas procured from around the world offering a new perspectives to old and new problems.  

A global work force may be new for many companies and it’s not unusual to need assistance addressing a changing workforce.  We agree companies should be considerate of existing and new members for their organization and believe inclusion initiatives are necessary to maximize benefits of engaging candidates from a global community.

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