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Jamie Espérance Joins Prospect Placement! standard

We are proud to welcome Jamie Espérance to Prospect Placement! Jamie has been recruiting passionate and hardworking creative candidates in the fashion, entertainment, technology and media fields since studying business and human resources at Virginia State University. Jamie is a smart, resourceful, and dedicated recruiter who takes great pride in finding the most talented candidates for his clients. Jamie is an accomplished track and field athlete whose competitive nature sharpened him to excel in the business world. We are proud and fortunate to have him on our team! To start a conversation with Jamie today, email him at [email protected]

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Real Talk: Interview Life Hacks standard

Back in the day, I use to joke that I’ve never interviewed for a job I didn’t get, which was true, but I also was interviewing for odd jobs here, a summer job there or helping out my father with one of his businesses. As you can imagine the job market for a career position is a bit more difficult. Don’t fret, Prospect Placement has you covered!  We’re not just telling you what you already know, but giving it to you straight.  Think you can get away with the tiny stain on your shirt?  You can’t.  Think they won’t notice if you’re three minutes late?  They will.  Ever walk out of an interview and realize you forgot to tell them ...

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Meek Mill, Prospect’s got you standard

Jobs Meek Mill Could Do Next Robert Rahmeek Williams better known as Meek Mill began his career as a battle rapper in the streets of Philadelphia. At that time one would think twice before engaging into a war of words with Meek Mill as he won rap battle after rap battle. Which makes the present scenario he is in that much more puzzling. At the height of his career and after beginning a relationship with none other than Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill went on a twitter tirade calling out none other than hip hop heavyweight Drake. Meek Mill accused Drake of using a ghostwriter which is a big no-no in the Hip Hop community. Drake and or his ghostwriter then ...

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