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Our Services


Prospect Consulting offers trainings designed to engage employees and mitigate potential legal risk.  Our Sexual Harassment Prevention Training is a modern training developed to ensure compliance with the EEOC and focused on preventative measures to save your company valuable resources and money.  Proven prevention techniques are incorporated with your company’s unique culture to design a custom sexual harassment prevention training.


Prospect Consulting facilitates your goal of becoming a company that embraces diversity and inclusion to ensure your employees reflect the population in which you serve. With our key partnerships with diversity training organizations your company benefits from understanding and engaging with a global talent pool. Diversity training and consulting is available as an individual service or is included as a part of our search solutions.

Work with us today.  Get back your tomorrow.


Prospect Placement’s direct-hire search service offers the commitment and dedication second only to an internal recruiting team. Our broad reach throughout multiple industries leads us to successful Accounting/Finance, Customer Support, Operations, Sales and Marketing placements for companies from Start-ups to Fortune 500 firms.


In addition to full-time placement services, Prospect Placement also offers temporary or contract placements. We employ the same screening processes for temporary placements as we do for full-time searches, including face to face meetings, DiSC personality assessments, and background and reference checks to guarantee the candidate you’ve selected for a temporary solution is a perfect complement to your existing workforce.


Job Genome

Prospect Placement identifies talent quickly through our innovative use of technology. All companies, big or small struggle to make hiring decisions. Positions often remain unfilled for months, sometimes years preventing businesses from growing, producing and achieving important business goals.

Go beyond the resume and past the profile.

Our Job Genome Process

Job Genome is a software component we developed that provides our clients with information not listed on resumes or LinkedIn profiles.

The information includes:
– Former employer profiles
– Employer defined job descriptions
– Enterprise software systems former
employer, ex SAP, SALESFORCE,
– Compensation information

Pricing & Payments

Training and Consulting Services begin at $100 per hour.

For our clients, placement services include the following:

• Use of our Job Genome technology
• Conduct reference and background checks on all candidates
• Our recruiters meet with all candidates either in person or via skype
• Detailed written biography on candidates – taking you beyond the resume

• Schedule interviews and provide feedback
• Extend offers and negotiate with candidates
• Commitment to diversity
• Assurance of exceptional customer service

For our applicants, as always, placement fees are not paid for by job seekers.

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