“How to lose your job in 30seconds”…(office party edition)

Sick of being gainfully employed? Tired of having reliable medical and dental benefits plus paid vacation? If you can no longer stomach having a promising career in your desired field…here’s a few ways to lose your job in 30seconds (office party edition).


Always had a thing for your hot co-worker? Well what better time to make that painfully obvious than your office holiday party. Inappropriate comments and excessive touching are a great way to transform yourself from the friendly co-worker to the office creep.

You’ve worked tirelessly to develop a hard-working and professional office persona, but who are you to deny your co-workers the opportunity to get formally acquainted with your ridiculously intoxicated side. So at this year’s office party, loosen up your tie and let your inner John Belushi out.

Nothing says to your co-workers “I can’t stand to spend another moment with you” like not showing up to your office holiday party. This year, let everyone know exactly how you feel about them by not saying anything at all….no show!

This has been “How to lose your job in 30seconds” (office party edition)