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Prospect Placement is not only a service to help you find your next position, but we also support you throughout the process.

Regardless of whether you’re new to New York or considering another neighborhood or borough, Prospect Placement can help you through the subsequent changes that often occur when changing companies or positions. Since we’re already in the business of connecting, we can help you connect with services that will help you remain focused on your career, family and friends instead of sweating the small stuff. We don’t have any affiliation with these firms we are just making recommendations to some of the good guys and gals that have helped our candidates in the past. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here or want to make a recommendation, let us know!


Individuals committed to lifelong learning are highly desirable to all prospective employers. Learning a new skill is an empowering way to develop confidence and experience that can continue to take you to the next level in your career.

Consider the following classes:

  • Foreign Language
  • Information Technology
  • Writing

Also consider getting licensed or certified

  • Series 6, 7, 3
  • Certied Financial Planner
  • Chartered Financial Analyst
  • Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA)
  • Financial Risk Manager


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