Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of arranging physical objects to attract positive energy. Most working Americans spend on average 49hrs per week working. Practicing proper Feng Shui in your work space will not only increase your productivity but also enhance your happiness in the process.
Here’s a few tips on how NOT to F#@k up the Feng Shui.
To attract wealth and prosperity think green! On the left corner of your work space is the perfect place for a plant. A plant is living, growing and helps you breath. You are sure to come to life with a healthy green plant close by.
If it’s loving that you seek, on the right corner of your work space is the ideal location for flowers. Flowers are helpful in attracting romance. If love has already found you then the right corner is also a great spot for a picture of you and your partner.
To get your creative juices flowing, on the center right of your work space add an object of inspiration. A blank sketchbook, favorite book or perhaps a piece of art are sure to get the left side of your brain up and working.
Your career ambitions brings us to the front and center of your work space.  Remember…a cluttered space creates a cluttered mind! 50% of your work space should always remain fee of clutter. Leaving the center front of your work space completely empty clears a pathway for positive energy to flow directly to you.
Creating good Feng Shui at work will remind you of what’s important in your life. So take a few minutes to ponder what’s important to you then incorporate physical objects that best reflect those things to your work space.
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